We.re a brewery of the world and like to show our international-ness wherever possible. That.s why one of our earliest and most popular T-shirt designs is in French (or a version thereof). Well, turns out our French grammar is even worse that our English.

This is what the shirt looks like:

Pretty, huh? It means “Show us your hops!”

We’d like to say a big thankyou to whomever (I.m really making a grammatical effort here) left this note for us, we love that you care so much to set us straight – believe us, we.re taking this the right way! We got some great tips on French grammar including the use of exclamation points, and past participles (whatever they might be).

Non-French speakers take heart, look at the note – especially page 2, see how hard it is to speak French? The cross-outs, false starts, ragged tearing of the page out the book, and
then spilling beer all over it! The stress of it all. Too hard. No wonder the world is moving to a simple language like English.

Anyway, we’re not going to change it, we kinda like that its close enough for rock-n-roll. We were only one letter off afterall!

And also, anyone who can speak English properly, we’ll take feedback on this (or any other) blog.

Thanks for