We have no idea what the street value of Hightail Ale is, but man, its going to plummet this week. The other day we sent a big pile of it to
RRR for one of their radiothon events. Normal, run of the mill despatch of beer… Not so much.

About ten minutes after the beer left we got a call from the courier company (who will
remain nameless) to say that ….um, well, err, how do I say this…the beer.s been stolen!.

The driver had parked the van, left it running, gone in to get directions and wham-o,
van gone. 20 cases of beer. Gone. Fast thieves who like craft beer. Who.d have thunk.

So, please, if you know anything of the whereabouts of our beer, we.re offering a reward for
its return – no questions asked.

If you.re offered cheap Hightail from the back of a van – don.t encourage these people, tell them to give it back to us.

you next buy your six pack of Hightail, be sure of your sources. It could be hot.