Dave might like to think that he is the boss of the brewery but I have come to realise that it is our packaging line, Maxine. No-one else has
such a profound effect on our day. If she’s having a good day then Naz skips home from work, if not then Hayden can be seen shedding a single tear in the corner. She’s temperamental (she can be a
dream one day and a nightmare the next), attention seeking (turn your back on her for one second and she will start smashing bottles and spitting out low-fills) and high maintenance (she requires a
lot of primping, preening, polishing and lubing just to make it through the day). How anyone could have assumed that she was a he is beyond me – typical males…

She certainly keeps our lives
interesting but we all have a soft spot for her because she allows us to spread the Goat far and wide!

I’m sure this isn’t the last word on Maxine and stay tuned for the adventures of
Gunther the keg machine, Tony the density meter and Big Bertha the pump…