How does a guy with an innocent name like Shane Edwards get to be called Naz?

Truth is, when Naz it doesn.t matter, cause when Naz
you can do anything. But what.s really cool for us is how descriptive the word Naz can be. It has nearly as many layers of meaning as our favourite F-word, and because it.s not a swear word, you can
use it around Grandma. This may be tenuous but if Gordon Ramsay replaced all his .fucks. with .Naz.s. he.d probably be able to be on when the kids are still up.

Some examples of .Naz.
in various contexts…

When Naz is brewing and he gets big numbers (mash tun extraction, volume in the fermenter) he gets .Naz Numbers.. When any of the rest of us get big numbers, we also
get .Naz Numbers..

When Naz fixes something no-one else can, he.s Nazzled it.

When Naz impresses us by say, reading our mind for the third time in a day, he.s .be-Nazzled.

When Naz is in party mode, Naz is on the Razz, or if he.s really going for it his name is lengthened to Nazarus and its .Nazarus is on the Razzarus..

I even said to Jayne the other
day after she showed me our re-vamped brewsheets;

.Dude, you totally Nazzed it..

You know what that means now, huh?

For those of
you still wondering how he got the name its just a shortened version of Shane spelt backwards, at least I think that.s what it is, not that it matters.