Hayden reckons its been a big week in brewing, and it probably has, but we’ve also spent a hell of alot of time trying to name our new beer and
our new blog. How hard can it be to name a beer? We’re finding out, and we’ve nearly given up. We’ve got two and a half hours now until we pour it for the first time and still nothing. We held a
meeting into the small hours last night (sure, it was in a bar somewhere, but it was still a meeting). But nothing. We’re Dry. And now our heads hurt. We’ve had Fancy Pants Ale (sissy), Amber Ale
(boring), The Force (crap). Thing is, this one should be easy – we’ve got fresh Tassie Hop Flowers (Galaxy for the beer nerds), we MacGyver’ed a hop back, then dry hopped it as well. Hell, it was
fun to brew, and we reckon it tastes awesome (but we would, wouldn’t we). Maybe we’re too close to it now, maybe it doesn’t need a name, maybe we’re just crap at naming things. What does Hightail
Ale mean anyway?